Intellectual Capital

The Unipol Group guarantees care and protection for businesses and households by providing products and services that also meet new insurance and banking needs.
Investments in innovation support the development of analysis models and the use of advanced analytics, to process and interpret Big Data, also through the involvement of innovative start-ups and research networks.

In particular in 2017, the monitoring of innovation processes to add distinction to the product mix continued by extending the integrated service model to new products; outsourcing of the Group’s entire telematic portfolio to AlfaEvolution; testing of additional telematics devices for health and safety; development of predictive analysis in Leithà; the offer of non-insurance solutions in the health sector for the management of Corporate Welfare Plans and for the management and monitoring of chronic diseases by UniSalute Servizi, as well as through the testing of new non-insurance products and services integrated with the UnipolSai product mix.

The most significant innovations include, in particular, UnipolSai GO, the first micro-insurance that can be subscribed in real-time via smartphone and the Unica Policy with MV included that offers access to private leasing.
As regards the increased use of digital instruments to simplify the customer and agent experience, with a view to boosting network efficiency within an integrated, multi-channel model, the new mobile sales process, digitised from subscription up to signing of the
contract and electronic payment of the premium.

The Unipol Group is also committed to increasing awareness and knowledge about insurance and financial matters in Italy, with the conviction that IT tools can only express their full potential if there is simultaneous growth in the capacity to understand and manage
personal needs. For institutions, it began the “Welfare, Italia” initiative, and for residents it developed the “Eos. Conoscere l’assicurazione” project; it also launched Changes, the digital magazine focused on the themes of Technology, Society 3.0, Sharing, Environment, Well Being and Close to You.