The interest-free car insurance of UnipolSai is even more “Incredible, but true”. And the advertising campaign too!

After a year 2014 characterized by the success of the advertising campaign for the product “Incredibile, ma vero”, linked to the launch of interest-free car insurance in monthly installments, UnipolSai Assicurazioni chose for the year 2015 to continue to strongly communicate this offer perceived as innovative, enriching it with new and important services aiming to make the insurance proposal even more incredible. 

Relying on simple language and the ironic mood that marks the UnipolSai communication style, the new multi-subject commercial “Pupazzi” (Puppets), on air from 22 February 2015, had special testimonials as protagonists: the plush puppets populating the cockpits of our cars, accompanying our travels and, after all, also revealing a little bit about us. 

They – a cow, a dog and a bear – within the world in which they live, that is the car, suddenly came alive bringing “incredible but true” news: the new benefits and services of the interest-free car insurance of UnipolSai. 

Through a funny exchange between the puppets and the various characters that took part in the commercials, a dual incredibility was played out: on the one hand the wonder for a puppet that comes to life and, on the other, the incredibility of the UnipolSai offer enriched with new advantages. 

With this product proposal, UnipolSai continued to ensure its customers the possibility to pay for their car insurance in monthly installments and interest-free, and in addition it offered: 

  • the chance of having lower rates and greater security by installing the black box – of which UnipolSai was the leader in Europe with more than 2 million installed devices; 
  • free access to “InPiù la tua salute” with services and discounts on some diagnostic tests at the largest national network of contracted private health facilities. 

Furthermore, the Italian market leader expanded its business proposal by offering several other interest-free policies in monthly installments to cover the needs of home and family. 

The advantages relating to the new product offering of UnipolSai were conveyed through a communication strategy structured with progressive on-air exposure of the three commercials each a few days after the other. 

The campaign, created by the agency Leo Burnett and produced by FilmMaster, directed by Matteo Pellegrini, had a significant scheduling on TV, digital media, radio and print, with a highly integrated creative content on the various media. 

As with previous campaigns, the soundtrack of this creative content continued to be the evergreen “Stand by me”, as a further element of recognition and continuity of the UnipolSai communication style.

Last updated:Sep 22 2016