Unipol Group: an advertising campaign for the future of everyone

The messages of those “who have faith in the future” were the focus of the final advertisements. 

From 19 December to mid-February 2012, the Unipol Group was the protagonist, in major newspapers, magazines, in the most important railway stations and, on the web, with an innovative advertising campaign.

The campaign’s style was corporate advertising, given the current economic and social situation that Italy was experiencing, with respect to which Unipol transmitted a message of optimism and confidence with a positive and energetic tone.
The Group chose to place a bet on the future of everyone rather than talk about its products and services. A strong and original decision, dictated by the particular moment we were going through. The campaign creative content, which was new with respect to the past, was based on a copy ad, a message where images gave ground to words, whose meaning therefore acquired even greater incisiveness.

As part of web initiatives relating to the campaign, a website was created. By visiting it, all people who wished to build a better tomorrow brought their ideal contribution, leaving a message of optimism and faith in the future.
There were over 125,000 visitors and hundreds of contributions were posted, among which the 12 most significant messages were chosen to become the final print campaign ads in some national newspapers.

Last updated:Sep 22 2016