Italy 2030: A Country in the Process of Developing Sustainably

The topic of sustainable development is increasingly at the centre of the attention of Italian society, wherefrom a growing demand has emerged for company policies and choices in line with the United Nations Agenda 2030 Goals to lead the country on a path of sustainability and resilience. The results of the fifth edition of the Sustainable Development Festival organized by Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (ASviS), which has more than 300 members, are clear evidence of this.

The final event of the Festival will be an opportunity to present the fruits of the reflections of the 17-day event to the institutions and to the public in Italy and abroad, collecting the ideas that emerged from the Partners and participants. In particular, the event will emphasize the ways in which sustainability has become, and is becoming, part of our daily lives changing into much more than an abstract set of good practices but into the new normal towards which everyone should instinctively incline, whether in order to live in a better planet and better society or to reap economic benefits that are growing year after year.

The next steps to be taken to lead Europe and Italy on a sustainable development path by 2030 will therefore be assessed, aware of the fact that key decisions will have to be taken now to ensure their implementation in time.

Speakers will take the floor at the Auditorium of Palazzo delle Esposizioni (staircase at Via Milano 9a - Rome), while participants may follow the live broadcast of the event on, on the ASviS Facebook page and on the ASviS YouTube channel.