XXII National day of remembrance and commitment against the Mafia

On 21 March, the XXII National day of remembrance and commitment against the Mafia promoted by "Libera. Associations, names and numbers against mafias" will be held in various parts of the county. All the names of the more than nine hundred innocent victims of mafia violence will be read out one by one in thousands of public locations across Italy. People who do not wish to be simply remembered, but ask to see the realization of the ideals and hopes for which they sacrificed their lives.

The theme of the Day Places of hope and witnesses of beauty”, recalls the importance of combining care for the environment and local areas with commitment to the dignity and freedom of people.

The Unipol Group will participate in and support the day in order to spread a culture of legality in areas where the growth of awareness and social relations are major deterrents to the spread of the Mafia.

In over ten years, the partnership has included the “One euro per policy and current account” campaigns as well as the funding of cooperatives working with confiscated assets, while contributing to the cultural, social and economic development in areas oppressed by the mafia, operating on the basis of values such as local identity and solidarity, also between distant communities, to promote legality, social justice, free and honest work for young people.

On the first of March this year, the Chamber of Deputies approved a law establishing 21 March as the National day of remembrance and commitment to the memory of Mafia victims.