SDGS and Corporate Social Responsibility

The role of companies in achieving the Millennium goals

The Seventeen Goals that the countries belonging to the UN set for 2030 envisage a sustainable world in which all social players contribute to improving overall conditions for the wellbeing of the people and the planet. For the first time the role assigned to companies and the improvements undertaken by all countries of the world, regardless of their GDP, closely link the commitment of companies to corporate social responsibility with international development policies. Starting from the experience and stories of the Unipol Group, the event will be an occasion to expand on what companies can contribute to the Italian Millennium Development Agenda.


Massimo Biagioni, CRU Chairman


Pierluigi Stefanini, Chairman of Unipol Group and ASviS Assembly

Panel discussion

moderated by Marisa Parmigiani, Unipol Group Sustainability Manager
Matteo Biffoni, Mayor of Prato, ANCI Tuscany Chairman
Father Valerio Mauro, Provincial Minister of the Capuchin Friars of Tuscany
Massimo Mercati, ABOCA General Manager
Stefania Saccardi, Tuscany Region councillor responsible for the right to healthcare, welfare and social assistance
Enrico Testi, Executive Director of Arco and Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence