Unipol's commitment to legality, job and sustainable development

The Unipol Group and the Unipolis Foundation, committed for a decade to supporting the cooperatives responsible for managing property confiscated from the Mafia for social purposes, will present the results of their activities on17 March at 11 am in Messina, at the Church of Santa Maria Alemanna.
Speakers will include: Renato Accorinti, mayor of Messina; Giuseppe Falcomatà, mayor of Reggio Calabria; Rosa Giovanna Castagna, President of the Sicily Regional Unipol Council; Giampiero Calzolari, president of Agenzia cooperare con Libera Terra; Alessandro Leo, president of Consorzio Libera Terra Mediterraneo; Salvatore Lumia, UnipolSai Assicurazioni agent; Don Luigi Ciotti, founder and president of Libera; Pierluigi Stefanini, chairman of Unipol and Unipolis.
The meeting on 17 March comes a few days before the Libera event for the XXI Day of remembrance and commitment in memory of the innocent victims of the Mafia: “Bridges of memory, places of commitment”, to be held in Messina on 21 March.