Internazionale in Ferrara

Unipol Group and Unipolis Foundation for the Internazionale Festival

The Internazionale a Ferrara Festival is back featuring a packed weekend of events with journalists from all over the world, presentations, screenings, exhibitions and workshops.

The Unipol Group and Unipolis Foundation continue to lend their support to the festival and organised two events with Internazionale on issues of special relevance: “The Fair City” - on the redesign of future urban spaces to reduce inequality and facilitate social inclusion and “We have a Dream” - on new forms of activism that are transforming the involvement of young people in public life.

Find out more about the programme and events planned.

Old editions

02/10/2020 - 04/10/2020Internazionale a Ferrara 2020
04/10/2019 - 06/10/2019Internazionale a Ferrara 2019
05/10/2018 - 07/10/2018Internazionale a Ferrara 2018
29/09/2017 - 01/10/2017Internazionale a Ferrara 2017
30/09/2016 - 02/10/2016Internazionale di Ferrara 2016
02/10/2015 - 04/10/2015Internazionale di Ferrara 2015