UNIPOLSAI e CONI: renew the main sponsorship with CONI for the 2018‐2020 period

The important announcement made at today’s press conference concerned the renewal of the Main Sponsorship that will unite UnipolSai Assicurazioni and CONI again for the 2018‐2020 period. The agreement, signed after a public tender in the insurance sector that concluded on 18 December, is based on the continuation of the positive, prestigious and mutual endorsement of the UnipolSai and CONI brands, launched in January 2015.

The main sponsorship with CONI intends to consolidate the desire and corporate positioning of UnipolSai as a company close to the Italian people, country and system and in particular, through this partnership, to the highest level of Italian sport in terms of movement.This sponsorship is a part of a broader Group strategy that confirms the effective promotion of sport as a vehicle for growth and individual and social development.