das – dialoghi artistici sperimentali returns for the seventh year running

CUBO presents the project TEMPI NUOVI (NEW ERA) by artist Stefano Non at Art City Bologna 2024.

The Unipol Group’s corporate museum CUBO is proud to present “Tempi nuovi” (New era), a site-specific project by Stefano Non curated by Claudio Musso on show in Bologna from 2 February to 11 May 2024 as a part of Art City Bologna 2024.

The exhibition will be held at both CUBO locations: the debut of “Menopermenougualepiù (Costruire sull’assenza del referente)” (Minustimesminusequalsplus (Building on the absence of the referent)) will be on display at CUBO in Torre Unipol, and “Giraffa con giraffine cosmiche al Museo terrestre” (Giraffe with cosmic miniature giraffes at the Earth Museum) hosted at CUBO in Porta Europa.

The artist from Bergamo will present a group of 17 works which express his exploration of highly topical issues such as gamification (access to knowledge through gaming), post-humanism (the hybridisation of human bodies and intelligence with artificial, animal and vegetal elements), and transcoding (the need for translation between different languages) in plastic and video installations.

The two parallel exhibitions and a series of talks dedicated to the relationship between artistic creation and technological aesthetics are part of the seventh edition of das – dialoghi artistici sperimentali (experimental artistic dialogues).

  • “Menopermenougualepiù (Costruire sull’assenza del referente)” – CUBO in Torre Unipol

An exhibition based on the creation and exploration of futuristic scenarios that provide a setting for stories and characters; a stage for live action and performances that transports users beyond the present reality.

The installation is a convergence of scientific and humanistic disciplines brought into everyday life, whose dominant aesthetic is the geometric one made famous by cult video games such as Minecraft.

  • “Giraffa con giraffine cosmiche al Museo terrestre” – CUBO in Porta Europa

A reflection on the idea of post-human museums and museum displays represented by the dialogue between a video work, obtained from the manipulation of science documentaries on the life of giraffes, and a small herd of miniature giraffes recreated in the exhibition space.

Evolution and future are closely linked concepts in the artist’s interpretation, as are museum and memory.

das07 events

CUBO will also host a program of events kicking off during the Arte Fiera week:

  • Tuesday 12 March, 6:00 pm – CUBO in Torre Unipol

Affinity and divergences between us and geographer Franco Farinelli

A talk with Prof. Franco Farinelli moderated by Claudio Musso and Stefano Non.

  • Tuesday 9 April, 6:00 pm – CUBO in Torre Unipol

Affinity and divergences between us and physicist Guido Tonelli  

A discussion between Prof. Guido Tonelli, Claudio Musso and Stefano Non.

Free entry, booking required

  • Wednesday 8 May, 6:30 pm – CUBO in Porta Europa

Closing event with presentation of the book TEMPI NUOVI.