Welfare Italia Forum 2019

Ideas for the future of welfare
Presentation of the strategic Report born from the Think Tank organized from Unipol Group and The European House – Ambrosetti.
A document to define the medium-long-term vision for the Italian welfare system.

In 2019, thanks to the support of The European House – Ambrosetti Working Group, the “Welfare, Italia” project of the Unipol Group evolved into a think tank. Its mission is to provide a tangible contribution to defining a vision of the social security system that supports the social and economic development of Italy within a perspective that is inclusive and sustainable. The “Welfare, Italia” Think Tank is also designed to be a permanent platform for discussion, sharing of ideas and assessing good practices from the public, private and non-profit sectors.

During the Forum, the “Welfare, Italia” Think Tank Strategic Report will be presented to all the country’s key decision-makers to activate—with the contribution of national and international speakers—a constructive exchange involving the most important issues, and to transmit policy guidelines and proposals to optimize and make full use of all aspects of the national welfare system.