"Take Care" in Milan

The exhibition TAKE CARE. Modern and contemporary art from the Unipol Group Archive curated by Ilaria Bignotti is the annual event that CUBO, the Unipol Group business museum, organises to promote its art collection, increasing the visibility of art and making it accessible to the public. This year’s exhibition project is based on the concept of “CARE” and reflects on the social and cultural meaning of the word: the artist, the museum and the contemporary art archive must take care of the society in which they operate. In this sense, the works selected for the two exhibition streams show how, from the Second World War until today, artists have been able to interpret and even drive the socio-cultural but also the ideological and economic changes of their time, defining the image of the new Italy.

The exhibition will be held between 11 June and 27 September at the two Unipol sites in Milan (Corso di Porta Romana, 19) and Bologna (CUBO) and will have a dual theme.

The twenty-plus works on show in Milan and Bologna will range from metaphysical and conceptual painting to Realism and from Symbolist-inspired works to the first sightings of the Avant-Gardes, also including sculpture, photography and the use of digital technology.


Lucio Fontana’s work, the first example of the Milan exhibition theme, together with the works of the other chosen masters (including Francesco Lo Savio, Beverly Pepper, Roberto Crippa, Domenico Bianchi), focus on new materials, new technologies and the discoveries of the era. The exhibition concludes with a look at the new generations who, as part of a critical reinterpretation of history, reflect on the prospects of the 21st century man, combining experimentation with materials and actively considering the new potential of digital and virtual reality technology, also from an immersive, relational and interactive perspective, from Francesca Pasquali to Stefano Ronci, and from Joanie Lemercier to Quayola.

The Milan exhibition will open with an inaugural event on Tuesday 11 June at 6 p.m. with Ilaria Bignotti, curator and art historian, and Marco Montemaggi, Heritage Marketing manager.