Unipol Group: new medical centre opened in Bologna

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - 15:22

The Centre will use the DYADEA brand that distinguishes the range of services offered by the Group’s medical centres.

The new DYADEA Surgical Diagnostic Centre opened in Bologna today. DYADEA is a recently established brand that distinguishes all the Unipol Group medical centres. The innovative facility is in via Larga 8/a and complements the DYADEA Treatment Diagnostic Centre which has been in operation since 2013 and is located in the Bologna Trade Fair area of the city in Via Caduti della Via Fani 5. The new centre required an investment of approximately €4m and was built to meet the increasingly rapid evolution in demand for healthcare services by the public; it will employ highly qualified staff, use state of the art equipment and contain rehabilitation areas with the addition of hydrotherapy.

The new DYADEA centre occupies an area of 1400 m2 and contains 11 multi-speciality clinics, an area for outpatient surgery, an endoscopy room and a 3-bed room for day surgery. The radiography and mammography equipment is state-of-the-art, very precise biopsies can be taken and the technology uses the lowest possible X-ray doses. The facility also contains a heated 27m2 hydrotherapy pool and a well-equipped gym with 7 physiotherapy boxes. There are over 100 specialist doctors and 15 physiotherapists working in both DYADEA centres in Bologna. We should emphasise the importance of the first aid service, which provides medical assistance for minor traumas or illnesses requiring medical treatment; basic tests can also be carried out to avoid long waits at the hospital emergency centre for non-urgent cases.

The Unipol Group has long had direct experience in the management of private healthcare facilities, starting from Villa Donatello, a historic clinic in Florence which was restructured and relaunched a few years ago. The Group has added to its healthcare services by opening a new general outpatient clinic called Villa Vittoria in Florence, occupying 2,000 m2.

The DYADEA project goes hand in hand with developments in market demand, which increasingly, requires speed and efficiency in the accessibility and supply of healthcare services. The Unipol Group predicts strong development in the healthcare area in the next few years, and if these expectations are met, a consolidation plan will be devised for Bologna and Florence, and possibly other places in Italy. The growth model will focus on acquiring existing centres and initiating a convergence and integration process with the DYADEA business model. The goal is to be a sustainable, efficient and complementary private partner to the national health service, establishing itself in low/medium complexity medical areas so that the national health service can dedicate increasing resources and space to the more serious acute and chronic illnesses that are continually rising in terms of number and absorption of financial resources. 

Giacomino Vallar, General Manager of the Dyadea Medical Centres said “It was decided to open the new DYADEA medical centre in Bologna for various reasons, especially because an initiative of this scope would have to start from the city that watched the establishment and growth of the Unipol Group – this has given Unipol excellent awareness of the public framework, along with the fact that it opened and has managed the Centre in Via Fani for the past 6 years. Secondly, in the city of Bologna we found that, compared to other Italian cities, there was a low density of excellent private surgical clinics with respect to the changing needs of the resident population and the high number of people who have various types of cover for medical services”.