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UnipolPay S.p.A. is an electronic money institution (istituto di moneta elettronica, IMEL) duly authorized to provide payment and electronic money services in Italy.

UnipolPay was created for the purpose of offering users an innovative payment solution that may accompany and aid consumers in their daily actions, in particular with reference to their needs in the areas of mobility, health, home and financial education.


Registered office: Via Stalingrado 37, 40128 Bologna (BO)

Certified e-mail (PEC): unipolpay@pec.unipol.it


Board of Directors

Laterza Matteo Lovati Giacomo Francesco Maldari Renato Giovannini Lusignani Giuseppe

Organization, Management and Control Policy

Pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001, the Company’s Organization, Management and Control Policy is a structured and integrated prevention, dissuasion and control system aimed at:

  • raising the awareness of parties who, directly or indirectly, work in sensitive areas (directors, managers, employees and self-employed workers) on the possibility of committing a crime;
  • preventing or limiting the Company’s administrative liability.

The Policy, adopted by the Board of Directors on 18 March 2024, is structured into a “General Part” and individual “Special Parts” concerning the various categories of crime contemplated in the Decree.

The “General Part” contains an introduction on the Decree and its applicability to the Company, as well as the general rules and principles of the Policy.

The “Special Parts” describe the rules governing the various categories of crimes, examples of unlawful conduct, the sensitive processes within the Company and the control tools adopted by it.

General Part of the UnipolPay S.p.A. Policy (Italian version only)

Charter of Values and Code of Ethics

Accessibility, Foresight, Respect, Solidarity and Responsibility: Five values underlying our daily commitment. 

The Group’s Charter of Values, approved by the Parent Company’s Board of Directors as early as 2008, is the result of great collective participation; all the Group companies’ employees and a representation of agents actively contributed to its drafting. In total, over 6,000 people.

The Charter of Values formed the basis for the development of the Group’s Code of Ethics, approved by the Parent Company’s Board of Directors in 2009. The Code was then updated from time to time to take into account the evolution of the Unipol Group in recent years and to meet the most advanced international standards; in its most recent version, the Code of Ethics was approved by the Board of Directors of Unipol on 23 March 2017. The Code of Ethics lays out the principles of conduct that inspire the Group’s actions in its relationships with all its Stakeholders.

The Code of Ethics is applied within all Group companies; its recipients are all parties who influence, or may otherwise be involved in, the Group’s activities: investors, directors, employees, agents, self-employed workers, customers, suppliers, civil community, future generations.

The parties responsible for the practical adoption of the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics are:

  • the Appointments, Governance and Sustainability Committee, which reports to the Governing Body performing proactive, consultative, investigative and support tasks with regard to the contents and purposes of the Code of Ethics;
  • the Ethics Manager, chosen from among authoritative and independent people, who has an in-depth knowledge of the Group’s business enterprise and has a recognized awareness of ethics and corporate responsibility issues (a position currently held by Walter Visani). 

These bodies perform proactive tasks with respect to the contents and purposes of the Code and are primarily responsible for its promotion, correct interpretation and implementation.

In particular, requests for information or clarification regarding the contents of the Code may be sent to the Ethics Manager and reports may be forwarded to the same on alleged violations of the principles laid down in the Code of Ethics, which will be guaranteed the strictest confidentiality. A response will be given within 30 days (which may be extended to 60 days for more complex cases).

Given that the Code is a voluntary self-regulatory tool, any Stakeholders may send reports to the Ethics Officer, except for cases in which an appeal has been lodged with other jurisdictional bodies.

In order for reports regarding the alleged violation of the contents of the Code of Ethics to be taken into consideration, they must be addressed to the Ethics Manager in non-anonymous written form, as follows:

a) by e-mail to responsabile.etico@unipol.it

b) by regular mail to: Unipol – Responsabile Etico, Via Stalingrado 45 – 40128 Bologna

Any requests for clarifications and/or informative opinions on the most suitable models of conduct to avoid violations or non-compliance with the Code of Ethics may also be communicated by telephone, at number 051-5077111.

The Charter of Values and the Code of Ethics (Italian version only) in their most recent versions were adopted by the Company’s Board of Directors by resolution dated 21/7/2021.

To find out more, go to Gruppo Unipol.

Transparency and Privacy

In line with applicable regulatory provisions, information relating to the financial terms and conditions for the products and services provided by UnipolPay, to the processing of personal data, as well as practical instructions and other useful information is provided below.

Corporate Account

Partner Account


Instructions and disclosure statements

Complaints, appeals and mediation

UnipolPay was created to be close to you and the moment of discussion is important for us to improve.

If you are a customer and are not satisfied with the assistance received, you can file a complaint using the following channels:

Our Complaints Office will reply promptly, in any event within 15 business days from receipt of the complaint. In exceptional situations, if the Office is unable to provide a reply within the terms mentioned above for reasons beyond its control, it will send you a provisional reply stating the reasons for delay in handling your complaint and specifying the deadline by which you will obtain a final reply.

Other procedures - appeals and mediation

If you are not satisfied with the answers provided by UnipolPay or have not received an answer, we remind you that, according to applicable legislation, you may use:

Arbitrato Bancario Finanziario (ABF, Financial Banking Arbitration)

The ABF is an out-of-court dispute resolution system that offers a simpler, faster and cheaper alternative to going to court.

The ABF is an independent and impartial organisation that - in a few months - decides who is right and who is wrong.

For general information on this system and specific information on the appeals you have lodged, you may:

  • view the site www.arbitrobancariofinanziario.it
  • call the toll-free number 800-196969
  • read the guide “ABF in Simple Words” on the Financial Banking Arbitration service in pdf format

Please note that a “mediation attempt”, i.e. summoning the counterparty before one of the certified mediation bodies listed in the appropriate Register in the attempt to reach an out-of-court settlement, is a requirement before being able to take legal action. For example, the above-mentioned ABF, Conciliatore Bancario Finanziario and any other organisation certified by the Italian Ministry of Justice may be used to make such mandatory “mediation attempt”.

PSD2 Gateway

Under European Directive 2015/2366 (PSD2), accounts opened with different banks and payment service providers may now communicate with each other. With the aim of creating a more integrated and efficient European payments market, PSD2 has introduced new services that allow authorized third parties (third-party providers or TPPs) to gain access to information on the balances and transactions of your online account or to activate payment transactions directly from your account.

In line with the PSD2 objectives, by joining the CBI Globe platform, implemented by CBI S.c.p.a., UnipolPay allows TPPs to exchange information and make online payments using its accounts.

How to operate with UnipolPay as a TPP?

In order to use the dedicated API interface of UnipolPay as a Third-Party Provider (TPP), you must register with the CBI Globe platform and follow the required registration process, which also includes loading the eIDAS certificates.

Upon completion of the procedure, TPPs will have the possibility to:

  • access the API Portal and view the technical specifications of the interfaces. In addition to the general specifications of CBI Globe, a document called Annex is available on the API Portal containing details of the UnipolPay interfaces to further facilitate integration activities;

  • carry out interview tests with the UnipolPay API in the Sandbox environment (using the testing user accounts specified in the document called Annex) and integrate production APIs.

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Company details

UnipolPay S.p.A.

Tax Id. No. 03961561200 and V.A.T. No. 03740811207
Register of companies: Bologna 03961561200
R.E.A. (Business Admin. Index): 558961
Share capital: €27,350,000.00
Registered office: Via Stalingrado 37 - Bologna