Unipol's 50 years

Unipol's first 50 years. A story written looking to the future.

2013 has been an important year for Unipol: we're celebrating our first fifty years. 

The history of the Unipol Group begins with Unipol Assicurazioni, founded in 1963 following the acquisition by several cooperatives belonging to the Lega delle Cooperative (League of Cooperatives).

Over the years, as a result of a long period of growth and consolidation, has become a Group that today leads the market. 

A special trademark has been devised to honour the event, indicating how Unipol has developed over the years to reach the top echelons of the Italian and European insurance and financial markets.  The logo illustrates all Unipol's initiatives and means of communication being used in  2013, from headed paper to insurance discs, from the websites of the Group companies to the window displays of the agencies and branches.  

2013 is the year when we will be celebrating our first 50 years, and over the months several different ways are planned. 

Unipol’s first 50 years.  
A story written looking to the future. 

Last updated:Sep 22 2016