Sustainability Milestones

We were the first operator on the insurance market to adopt non-financial reporting and establish a specific Board Committee.
  • Publication of first TCFD Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures report.
  • First green bond issue.
  • European Alliance for Green Recovery membership.
  • TCFD supporter.
  • Approval of the 2019-2021 Integrated Business Plan.
  • Inclusion of ESG risks in the ERM Framework, in the Non-Life and Life underwriting policies, in the Investment Policy, and in the Outsourcing and Supplier Selection Policy.
  • Approval of the Sustainability Policy.
  • Inclusion of the UnipolSai stock in the MSCI World ESG Leaders.
  • Publication of the Unipol Group’s second Integrated Report.
  • Annual Report Oscar 2018.
  • Membership in PRI.
  • Inclusion of the UnipolSai stock in the FTSE4Good Index.
  • Publication of the Unipol Group’s first Integrated Report.
  • Update of the Code of Ethics.
  • Separation of the Sustainability Committee from the Ethics Committee to further strengthen the integration of sustainability into business.
  • Preparation of the materiality matrix.
  • Sustainability report prepared pursuant to the GRI4 Standard.
  • Approval of the new 2013-2015 Sustainability Plan
    The integration process of the former Premafin Group into the Unipol Group gave new impetus to the gradual incorporation of sustainability in strategic decisions. Reinforcing the strategic value of Unipol’s decision to further develop its commitment to sustainability, the Group adopted the 2013-2015 Sustainability Plan that integrated, supported, accompanied and guaranteed the achievement of the Integration Plan targets, establishing operational management objectives, measurable and verifiable for all business functions.

  • Adoption of the Sap Sustainability Management software for data collection and the management of the Sustainability Report indicators marked other two important steps towards building a structured accountability process for sustainability.
  • Increased awareness of the Code of Ethics and Group Values among employees and agents.

    • This approach further evolved when Unipol’s Board of Directors approved the 2010-2012 Business Plan and simultaneously adopted the 2010-2012 Sustainability Plan, the objectives and guidelines of which were deeply integrated in the Group’s strategic decisions.


Establishment of the Ethics Committee within the Board of Directors, approval of the Code of Ethics and its dissemination together with the Charter of Values.

  • First approval of the Charter of Values.
  • First Integrated Social Report of the Group
    Together with the corporate reorganisation resulting in the creation of UGF and the preparation of the three-year Business Plan, the first Integrated Social Report of the entire Group was published: an affirmation of the importance of these issues for Unipol’s strategy.
  • Establishment of the Social Responsibility Committee within the Board of Directors.
  • Creation of the Unipolis Foundation as the Group’s strategic tool for the management of social responsibility policies for the community.
  • Over the following years procedures were outlined for the governance of Social and Ethical Responsibility as a key business tool, such as the approval of the Sustainability Report by the Board of Directors together with other accounting and tax documents.
  • Creation of the Social and Ethical Responsibility function that reports to the Presidency. 
  • First Social Report of Unipol Assicurazioni
    The journey that led Social and Ethical Responsibility to become a part of Group governance and sustainability to become an integral part of its business and all of its corporate decisions started in 1993 with the publication of the first Social Report of Unipol Assicurazioni.