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Bosch and the other Renaissance

For the first time Milan pays homage to the great Flemish genius and his success in southern Europe with an original exhibition project.

The exhibition comprises around a hundred paintings, sculptures, tapestries, engravings, bronze statuettes, and ancient books, including around thirty rare and valuable objects from wunderkammern.

The show at Palazzo Reale is not a conventional monographic exhibition, but brings masterpieces traditionally attributed to the Master into dialogue with important works by other Flemish, Italian, and Spanish masters in a comparison that aims to explain to visitors how the ‘other’ Renaissance – not just Italian and not just Bosch’s own – in the same period or immediately after would influence great artists like Titian, Raphael, Gerolamo Savoldo, Dosso Dossi, El Greco, and many others.

Unipol Group is Main Sponsor of the exhibition which will be held in Palazzo Reale in Milan from 9 November to 12 March 2023.