From Klimt to Basilé, Sironi to Bauermeister

Crossing. From Klimt to Basilé, Sironi to Bauermeister is the spectacular exhibition that will close the important programme of events celebrating ten years of CUBO, the Unipol Group’s Corporate Museum.

A selection of the Unipol Group’s Artistic Heritage, along with some recent acquisitions, will be on display at the two Bologna locations of CUBO in Torre Unipol and CUBO in Porta Europa, from 12 October 2023 to 18 January 2024.

The exhibition curated by Ilaria Bignotti brings together 22 works by modern and contemporary artists, including Klimt, Basilé, Sironi and Bauermeister, with the aim of reinterpreting the Museum's heritage in a non-historicistic way, highlighting the values that the works share with its identity, its mission and its core messages.

The exhibition itinerary does not take into account the mediums and characteristics of the works, but instead focuses on their content, structured in nuclei of meaning, crossing genre boundaries and concentrating above all on the themes explored.

The path, organised by theme, begins at CUBO in Torre Unipol with three sections: Experimentation (featuring the works of Mary Bauermeister, Francesca Pasquali, the 18th Century Scuola Napoletana and Alessandro Lupi), Empathy (Gaetano Previati and Luigi Conconi, Silvia Margaria, Angelo Marinelli, Filippo de Pisis and Quayola), and Comparisons (Mario Sironi and Giovan Battista Langetti).

Four sections follow at Porta Europa: Protection (Anna Di Prospero and Tommaso Fiscaletti), Sharing (Jacop Ferdinand Voet, Vania Comoretti and Matilde Piazzi), Change (Giacomo Costa and Ettore Frani), and Vision (Gustav Klimt, Matteo Basilé, Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi Norberto and Ignazio Stern).