Art “FACE to FACE”

recently acquired into the Unipol Group’s collection


What should art do today? Resist.

In these months, CUBO has been observing and thinking about the changes occurring in our society during these times of pandemic and has decided to call on the new creative generation and contemporary artists who in recent years have been involved in exhibitions and cultural projects, because it believes that dialogue can always exist, even behind the apparent distance, and that it is an invaluable asset.

It does this because it believes in the artist as a creator of newly conceivable meanings, rather than only forms.

Thus, “one fight at a time”, the new exhibition places art works “face to face”: one opposite the other, one against the other, in a remote dialogue that will not walk the tightrope of a language tangency, semantic familiarity or “elective affinities”.

Follow the four pairs of artists “challenging” each other in “screen-to-screen” video matches on the CUBO web channels, one every week.

Monday 6 July

Maurizio Bottarelli facing Giacomo Costa

Wednesday 15 July

Angelo Marinelli facing Andrea Chiesi

Wednesday 22 July

Francesca Pasquali facing Luca Bellandi

Wednesday 29 July

Ettore Frani facing Stefano Ronci

And more:

Tania & Lazlo facing Mary Bauermeister

Joanie Lemercier facing Mario Raciti

Tommasi Fiscaletti facing Alessandro Lupi

Matteo Basilè facing Lidia Bagnoli