"Take Care" in Bologna

The exhibition TAKE CARE. Modern and contemporary art from the Unipol Group Archive curated by Ilaria Bignotti is the annual event that CUBO, the Unipol Group business museum, organises to promote its art collection, increasing the visibility of art and making it accessible to the public. This year’s exhibition project is based on the concept of “CARE” and reflects on the social and cultural meaning of the word: the artist, the museum and the contemporary art archive must take care of the society in which they operate. In this sense, the works selected for the two exhibition streams show how, from the Second World War until today, artists have been able to interpret and even drive the socio-cultural but also the ideological and economic changes of their time, defining the image of the new Italy.

The exhibition will be held between 11 June and 27 September at the two Unipol sites in Milan (Corso di Porta Romana, 19) and Bologna (CUBO) and will have a dual theme.

The twenty-plus works on show in Milan and Bologna will range from metaphysical and conceptual painting to Realism and from Symbolist-inspired works to the first sightings of the Avant-Gardes, also including sculpture, photography and the use of digital technology.


In Bologna the focus is on work and its value not just in terms of production but also from an ethical and social perspective. Beginning with artists like Aldo Borgonzoni, Piero Annigoni and Alberto Sughi, well-known for their figurative approaches, the Bologna exhibition looks at the history of art as a tool of combat and social affirmation, in the committed vision of the artist. Whereas Fontana revolutionised the art world with new materials, and with it society, the new Italian figurative artists, from Alberto Sughi and Aldo Borgonzoni to Carlo Levi and Leonardo Cremonini, questioned society itself on the major themes of the value of work and its relationship with the environment and the landscape, i.e. the social space in which every member of the community had to make use of their skills for the benefit of the collective.

Opening in Bologna, Thursday 13 June at 6 p.m. at CUBO.