Strategic management of sustainability means acquiring planning, management and control tools that are directly related to the industrial ones.

In light of this, the Unipol Group has a detailed accountability system for sustainability, which includes the following tools:

  • The Three-year Sustainability Plan is the strategic positioning instrument that integrates, supports, accompanies and guarantees the achievement of the Group’s Strategic Plan. The Plan is prepared with the involvement of all Departments, in parallel and integrated with the Strategic Plan. Starting from the strategic goals defined by Top Management, actions to be implemented over the three years and monitoring indicators for assessing the progress and achievement of the goals are defined together with management. The Social and Ethical Responsibility department coordinates the drafting of the Plan and oversees monitoring and reporting, which take place every six months and are presented to Top Management and the Sustainability Committee of the Board of Directors alongside the results of the Strategic Plan.
  • The Sustainability Report is the document that examines the economic, social and environmental reach of Unipol Group activities in the long term. The report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4) guidelines, based on which a materiality analysis has been developed to identify the most significant issues for the core business of the Group and for its stakeholders. The identification of these topics was carried out using a process in line with the reference standards: the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines and the AccountAbility AA1000APS standard.

In order to verify the compliance of the Sustainability Report with the GRI G4 guidelines, in line with the best international practices, the Sustainability Report is subject to a limited assurance process pursuant to the ISAE 3000 standard. Assurance is certification provided by a third party on the basis of expressly defined principles and professional testing standards, concerning compliance with the basis of preparation set out in their various sections.

2016-18 Sustainability Plan