CUBO Centro Unipol Bologna is the cultural and multimedia space located at the headquarters of the Unipol Group, created in 2013.  

CUBO’s mission is to:

  • Share the corporate identity and become a point of reference in the process of company cohesion and evolution resulting from the acquisition of other companies over time;
  • Promote relations and meetings between people;
  • Promote cultural, artistic and social events;
  • Promote road safety culture through the use of driving simulators;
  • Promote initiatives dedicated to children and young people. 

CUBO operates to:

  • collect historical material on companies belonging to the Group, overseeing the research, acquisition, inventorying, cataloguing, storage, sorting and presentation of the same;
  • enhance, promote and share the knowledge of Unipol’s artistic, cultural and value heritage;
  • program, plan and organise exhibitions, meetings, seminars, conferences and cultural events in general, also in cooperation with other public and private entities;
  • promote educational, informative and didactic activities also in cooperation with schools, universities, Italian and foreign cultural and research institutions;
  • participate in the integrated system of city and regional museums, and cooperate with institutions, public and private entities operating in the cultural sector at a local, national and international level;
  • cooperate with institutions for the preservation of artistic and historical heritage, in accordance with the entities and offices responsible for protection.

In order to carry out its functions, CUBO relies on specifically assigned employees and organises the management of exhibition spaces and services entrusted in accordance with current regulations:

  • the guidelines of Regional Law 18/2000 and related Council resolution;
  • the mandatory requirements defined by the Institute of Cultural Heritage (Istituto dei Beni Culturali, IBC)
  • professional profiles and qualifications for museums in the Emilia Romagna Region;
  • for the management of artistic heritage:
    • current regulations, guidelines and standards defined by Ministerial Decree of 10 May 2001;
    • ministerial regulations of the Central Institute for Cataloguing and Documentation (Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo e la Documentazione, ICCD);
    • provisions on digital cataloguing (MUSEO UGF and SAMIRA applications);
    • conservation standards prescribed by regulations.

CUBO ensures free access to visitors without any discrimination or prejudicial limitation. Impartiality is at the basis of operator conduct and is constantly guaranteed. The Centre also guarantees access to disabled visitors with the presence of suitable facilities and paths.

CUBO activities cover the following themes:

ART: Temporary exhibitions, artist talks and workshops, children’s workshops.
CUBO promotes contemporary art in all its forms with a focus on new generations and favours the knowledge of the Unipol Group’s artistic heritage.

EDUCATIONAL: Workshops for children, teens, adults and families, kids’ camps.
CUBO organises moments of personal development, combining leisure and culture.

ENTERTAINMENT: Special events on festive days during winter months and on summer evenings.
CUBO proposes entertainment initiatives ranging from music to theatre, to meetings with authors.

LIFE & STYLE: Meetings on lifestyles and daily wellbeing.
CUBO entertains the public with a mix of insights, news and taste for a quality of life marked by happiness.

HISTORY & TERRITORY: The historical multimedia archive of the Group and the network with local institutions and associations.
CUBO shares the experience of the Unipol Group to participate in the improvement and growth of culture also through history and memories.

SAFETY: Meetings, workshops and interactive experiences dedicated to education and road safety for teens and adults.
CUBO promotes a prevention culture by making innovative simulation tools available.

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Where to find us

CUBO - Centro Unipol Bologna

Piazza Sergio Vieira de Mello, 3 and 5,
40128 Bologna
Tel. +39 051 5076060