Charter of Values and Code of Ethics

Accessibility, farsightedness, respect, solidarity and responsibility: the five values at the heart of our daily commitment.

The Charter of Values, approved by the Board of Directors of Unipol Group on 11 December 2008, is the result of a huge collective effort: over the course of eight months, all employees of the Companies of the Group as well as agents’ representatives contributed to the drafting thereof, involving a total of over 6,000 individuals.

The five values that were identified and to which we are committed every day are: accessibility, farsightedness, respect, solidarity and responsibility.

The Group’s Charter of Values served as a basis for the preparation of the Code of Ethics, approved by the Board of Directors on 19 March 2009. The first version of the Code was later updated to take into account the continuous evolution of the Unipol Group over recent years and in order to comply with the highest international standards, and was approved by the Board of Directors of Unipol Group on 5 November 2015. The Code of Ethics describes the code of conduct respected by the Group in relationships with all of its stakeholders.

The Code of Ethics applies for all Companies of the Group; it is addressed to all parties that influence or that are otherwise involved in Group activities: investors, directors, employees, agents, collaborators, customers, suppliers, civil society and future generations.

For the practical application of the principles expressed in the Code of Ethics and in order to ensure the true effectiveness of the same, the Unipol Group has two bodies:

  • the Ethics Committee, which consists of no less than three and no more than five members who meet the independence requirements prescribed by current laws and regulations (currently formed by 4 directors);
  • the Head of Ethics, selected among independent and influential figures with extensive knowledge of the Group and recognised awareness of issues regarding ethics and corporate responsibility (position currently held by Walter Visani, a Unipol employee since 1982).

These two bodies have a proactive in with regard to the content and purpose of the Code and are primarily responsible for the promotion, proper interpretation and implementation thereof.

In particular, the Head of Ethics may be submitted requests for information or clarification in relation to the content of the Code and forwarded non-anonymous reports of alleged violations of the principles of the Code of Ethics, which shall be guaranteed the strictest confidentiality and answered within 30 days (extended to 60 days for more complex cases).

Given that the Code is a voluntary instrument for self-regulation, any stakeholders may report to the Head of Ethics, except in cases for which appeals have already been filed with other judicial authorities.

You may contact the Head of Ethics:

  • by email at the address:
  • by post at the address: Head of Ethics, Via Stalingrado 45, 40128 Bologna
  • by phone(+39 051 5076111)