The sector's and the Group's positioning

RepTrack 2019

With a more in-depth analysis, from a reputational standpoint you can break down the ‘Financial Services’ sector into 3 segments that have a different reputation. The insurance industry has a moderate reputation. Reputation sectors in Italy

Reputational drivers relevance

Settore insurance - driver reputazionali

The factors that influence the reputation of the public are different according to the sectors to which they belong.

In the survey Rep Trak® Italy 2019, the most important reputational factors in the Insurance sector are ‘Products and services’, 'Citizenship' and ‘Governance’.








Reputational drivers performance

*64.0 is the average score of the companies, recorded in Italy, belonging to the segment ‘Financial-Insurance’, according to the ranking Italy Rep Trak® 2019.









Reputation of the Unipol Group

Unipol Group reputation

The Group has integrated the metrics of the RepTrak® index within its Risk Appetite Framework, setting as its risk appetite level the goal to keep the RepTrak® index with the stakeholder “Public Opinion” above 60, i.e. in the bracket “Average / Moderate (rate 60-69)”. If, as part of the quarterly monitoring, the index should steadily fall below the threshold of 60, thereby entering the bracket “Weak / Vulnerable”, the Group will promptly adopt appropriate mitigation plans.