The Unipol Group hosts the 2018 edition of the Euresa Innovations Forum in Bologna

Thursday, November 22, 2018 - 12:30

An international event that will be witnessing managers of numerous European companies debate the topic “Insurance at the time of the Data Economy”. Many innovative solutions to protect policyholders in the era of sharing mobility and cyber risks.

This morning, at the Unipol Auditorium in Via Stalingrado, the 2018 edition of the Euresa Innovations Forum was launched, a two-day workshop witnessing managers from numerous European companies in insurance and non-insurance sectors debate the topic “Insurance at the time of the Data Economy”. The Unipol Group will be doing the honours as a member of Euresa, the association that unites 15 mutual and cooperative insurance companies based in several European countries.

The Innovations Forum is organised by Euresa every two years and is an important opportunity for debate. This year in particular represents a chance to display many innovative solutions for the protection of policyholders in the age of sharing mobility and cyber risks, but also to analyse the emerging trends that will characterise the insurance market in the near future, as well as the related sectors, above all that of mobility. The 2018 edition will be therefore focusing on the arrival and growth of the data economy and on how the combination with technology innovations applied to our mobility is leading insurance companies to reviewing their business models in order to maintain competitiveness, even when new emerging players enter the market.

Pierluigi Stefanini, President of Euresa and Chairman of the Unipol Group, opened the proceedings: “We are facing a very important challenge for the sector, that of finding responses to new risks, which are often unpredictable with traditional insurance models, working to prevent them,” said Stefanini -. Welfare, mobility, cybersecurity are just some areas where IT innovation can help us protect people. Precisely for this reason, today it is no longer enough to develop a new product, but it is essential to study it in depth and to do it together, with a platform approach, in order to find the best possible solution. From this point of view, Euresa is an effective network that daily connects its members to each other and the Forum is a precious opportunity to transform an exchange of ideas into concrete solutions”.

Among the various workshops, a debate was held this morning on the significant changes that are occurring in the people’s need for, and experience of, mobility and on how, consequently, new business models are emerging in the insurance sector that require a growing and decisive use of electronics, smartphones, integration of services for the mobility of customers, such as Assistance 2.0, instant insurance, and innovative payment services. To debate the issue, Léa Marzloff, Director of Strategic Analysis and Intelligence at Cabinet Chronos, Alice Altemaire, Director of Mobility and Innovation Services, RCI Bank and Services at the Renault Group, and Giacomo Lovati, Director of Insurance and Telematics Services at UnipolSai.