The first product campaign of UGF Assicurazioni started on TV

Unipol Assicurazioni launched its first product campaign dedicated to KM Sicuri. 

From Sunday, 3 October 2010, a television commercial, alternately in the 30” and 15” versions, presented to the public the benefits and opportunities of the latest car insurance product distributed by Unipol Assicurazioni. 

With the aim of working in synergy with prior communication periods and consolidating the customers’ memory, the photographic technique of the previous year was resumed: the Lilliputian world of “tilt shift” characterized this advertising message too. 

To reiterate once again that the closeness of a large business Group helps make risks smaller, even traffic risks, the images portrayed the virtual path of a car from above while it overcomes the unforeseen events of everyday travel. 

The message highlighted the two major product benefits: cost-effectiveness – tied to the rate per kilometer – and safety, guaranteed by the satellite device. 

TV went before all other media to convey the campaign KM Sicuri. Starting on 17 October 2010, with coverage up to mid-December, the following went on air: 

  • two advertisements in Print: they recalled the frames of the spot and explained the product characteristics in more detail; 
  • Radio: this was the new element of the campaign. Two versions – one dedicated to the per-kilometer rate and one to the satellite device – playing on the elements of irony and paradox; 
  • Web: four advertisements captured the attention of users by also introducing the concepts of protected bonuses and assistance. 
Last updated:Sep 22 2016