The outsourcing and supplier selection policy governs the decision-making process, responsibilities, duties and expected controls regarding outsourcing of business activities and functions within the Unipol Group, as well as to third parties, strengthening the control of risks deriving from outsourcing choices. The strategic requirements designed to ensure the stability and continuity of the activities being outsourced include the signature of the Supplier Code of Conduct, which takes inspiration from the principles of the Global Compact (the Group adhered to the Global Compact Principles on Human Rights, Work, Environment, and Anti-corruption in 2018) and to the ISO20400. In particular, the Supplier Code of Conduct outlines what Unipol expects from suppliers and provides for its right to audit and inspect processes and facilities, with or without the aid of third parties, and for the right to impose penalties on the Supplier, including the extraordinary termination of the agreement for just cause, cancellation of the contract, and suspension or complete cessation of its activities as Supplier of the UnipolSai Group in case of violation of any of the principles contained in the Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

For more information on the correct and responsible management of suppliers, please refer to the contents described in the Group’s Integrated Report and to the Global Compact CoP, reports prepared by the Group annually to disclose the progress of the evaluation, policies, objectives and implementation of the Principles on Human Rights, Work, Environment, and Anti-corruption.