Disclosure of climate-related information

Insurance companies play an essential role in the fight against climate change as risk carriers (through the offer of products and services aimed at protecting local players against the impacts of natural and atmospheric events), risk managers (through the support of other public and private players in the implementation of actions aimed at preventing and reducing climate risks and promoting greater resilience of local communities to climate change) and institutional investors, mobilising the resources necessary to finance mitigation and adaptation to climate change. 

Aware of this role, the Unipol Group has decided to consolidate its disclosure of climate-related financial information, identifying and reporting climate-related aspects that impact the business model from a financial standpoint, along with aspects that are relevant from an environmental and social standpoint (according to the “double materiality” approach illustrated in the chart below). Since November 2020 Unipol supports the Task-Force on Climate-related Disclosure, enhancing its commitment on reporting climate-related data.