‘PNRR’ (national recovery and resilience plan): italians are not very aware of it but health is a priority among the missions of the plan

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 - 11:22

Research by Changes Unipol, processed by Ipsos, shows that:

  • Only 1 out of 5 Italians has specific awareness of the ‘PNRR’ (national recovery and resilience plan) and only 5% of the population have an in-depth awareness of it
    • Awareness of at least the name of the PNRR increases with age: it peaks with the baby boomer generation (88% compared to average Italian awareness of 83%), with Generation Z the least aware (77%)
    •  The metropolitan area of Bologna is where there is most in-depth awareness (11%), while the highest percentage of people who are unaware of it are in Verona (23%)

  • 4 Italians in 10 believe that the PNRR will help relaunch the country, while 2 out of 3 would like to know more
    • More awareness of the Plan is a need felt most strongly by older generations (71% of the baby boomers) and people who live in the metropolitan areas of Bari (75%), Bologna (73%) and Milan (71%)
    • On the other hand, it seems to be less of a priority to know more by Generation Z (60%), those who live in Rome (60%) and Verona (61%).

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