Unica lab, uniting knowledge and experience.

Unica lab was established to make the skills and expertise accrued over the years by the Unipol Group available to the Italian financial and insurance ecosystem, providing real support to managerial development and personnel growth and the business world in general. 

Unica lab is committed to giving access to the skills built up over time by Unica - Unipol Corporate Academy - to all interested parties to increase their knowledge and the capacity to do business through continued study, research and creating the best learning practices in the insurance, finance, managerial, and technological innovation areas.

Unica lab is aimed at:

  • the Agency Network, developing other training courses besides those already covered by the Insurance Company, setting up courses and specific training schemes for Agents who act in the double sales and management roles and Agency staff
  • other parties who have significant relationships with the Group, for example:
    • Suppliers
    • Brokers
    • The World of Cooperatives
    • Investee companies or subsidiaries that are not included in the Group Consolidated Financial statements
  • young people, through training activities, including in association with Universities, to attract them and lead them through their discovery of the world of insurance and its potential
  • other potential customers such as:
    • Companies and professionals working in the open market, including SMEs covered by Unipol insurance and Corporations
    • Territorial and trade associations

What we do

The word ‘learning’ is gradually replacing the word ‘education’ to highlight the central nature of the person, the need to develop more participatory and flexible learning methods and to provide increasingly open experiences. 

Using this as a basis, Unica lab undertakes to constantly research and formulate training methods that can tap into the real needs of people and provide solutions and instruments that can be useful in their day-to-day affairs.

Areas of expertise range from insurance-financial technical training to sales training, relational and managerial training, along with the legal and technological areas.

Why choose us

Unica lab can count on the expertise of teachers who were trained in management and in the Unipol Group Network, along with a network of partner companies and professionals chosen over the years who help provide innovative and highly specialised courses and training programmes.

Unica lab offers training solutions using three main formulas:

  • Catalogue: a selection of courses or brief programmes aimed at improving or updating specific knowledge and skills. They can be acquired on an individual or small group basis.
  • Custom: personalised training projects created to meet the needs of a specific target.  
  • Training events: insurance or financially-themed meetings to explore new laws, insurance taxation and corporate meetings at Villa Boncompagni alla Cicogna or elsewhere in the territory. 

Our catalogue 

Do you want to find out more about the range of products and services in the Catalogue that Unica lab has prepared for the world of Agencies? Write to BOX-Unicalab-Catalogo

Would you like to talk to us about your training requirements, those of your agency team or organise a training event for your customers? Write to us at BOX-Unicalab-Info