On 12 October 2013, the advertising campaign “Interest-free payment by installments” kicked off.

This was the first joint commercial initiative of Unipol Assicurazioni, Fondiaria-SAI and Milano Assicurazioni, the result of integration between the companies belonging to the Unipol Group. 

The strategic objective of the campaign was the promotion by Unipol Assicurazioni, Fondiaria-SAI and Milano Assicurazioni of the possibility to pay for car insurance premiums by monthly installments, with 0% nominal rate and APR and zero additional costs - offered to existing and potential customers - as all borrowing costs were borne by the companies. The commercial offer was made in synergy with Finitalia, the financial subsidiary of Fondiaria-SAI specializing in consumer credit. 

The communication concept was summarized in the claim “Incredible but true!” and emphasized the concreteness of a very useful initiative in times of difficulty for Italian families, who in the continuing economic crisis, thanks to the Group Unipol, could count on the unexpected relief offered by a purchase method finally closer to their needs. 

The communication style was ironic, and wished to promote the historical closeness of the companies to people: the lightness of the message conveyed the sense of commitment of the entire Unipol Group for the benefit of inpiduals and families. 

The creative ideas were played out in three different videos for a campaign on TV and three additional audio commercials for Radio broadcasting. Scheduling in Print and on the Internet was also added to these media. 

The campaign was created in collaboration with Leo Burnett (creative agency), FilmMaster (Production Company) and Starcom (media center) and was scheduled on various media until December 2014. 

In support of the campaign, the new online estimate calculator FULLQUOTE, available on the website, was launched. There, customers could check the actual amount of their installment and find the nearest agency to finalize the contract. FullQuote, the estimate calculator of the Unipol Group combined speed, simplicity, completeness and personalization of the offering. It also allowed customers to obtain full Car insurance estimates and represented the possibility of paying for the premium by monthly installments without interest in an immediate and transparent way.

Watch the three TV campaign commercials:

  • Workshop commercial
  • Car wash commercial
  • Toll booth commercial
Last updated:Sep 22 2016