Sustainable innovation: an oxymoron?

New trends show that, in order to continue growth on the market, innovation is key. This is especially called for by the selection criteria and dominant values of Millennials, climate change and the consequent assessment of new energy sources, the development of alternative participation models, demographic change and the emergence of new social needs, together with the digitalisation of the relationship between companies and customers. All of these factors direct enterprises towards a sustainable business model, able to involve various stakeholders, employees and customers, considered the protagonists of the relationship, and to respond to emerging social needs. The event will explore how it is possible to pursue sustainable innovation to give new life to Italian companies and products. 

How to train for the pursuit of sustainable innovation
Francesco Ubertini
Rector of the University of Bologna
Mario Cucinella
MCA Architect
Sustainable innovation experiences in the field 
Andrea Di Benedetto
CNA Vice President
3LogicMK Chief Executive Officer
Michele Felisatti
Esercizio Vita Vice President
Emilio Leo
Lanificio Leo Creative Director
Pierluigi Stefanini
Unipol Group Chairman