The Unipol and Censis Report 'Welfare, Italy. Workshop for new social policies of the Lazio Observatory' is presented

Adaptation of the management models for the healthcare and welfare system is increasingly necessary: in 2030 the population of Lazio will exceed 6 million residents with a more significant increase of the population over 65 years old, that in 15 years will
outnumber young people between the ages of 15 and 34 by over 200 thousand units.
The main concern for 71% of Lazio residents is the inability to save together with the maintenance of living standards and the inability to cope with medical expenses. Fears that in 33.2% of cases result in the renunciation of medical care.
42.7% of residents in Rome have a positive opinion of the functioning of the regional healthcare system, a higher percentage compared to 20.1% of residents in the other
provinces of the region. However, due to long waiting times, 79.1% of Lazio residents use private healthcare.
41.5% of residents in Rome and 54.5% of residents in the other provinces state they are interested in supplementary instruments in the field of healthcare.