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Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa: the Man, the General 1982-2022

Unipol Group is among the sponsors of the travelling exhibition “Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa: the Man, the General 1982-2022”, which marks the 40th anniversary of the death of famous General Dalla Chiesa.

Curated by journalist Andrea Pamparana, the exhibition opened in Rome in September and will also be visiting Milan, Turin and Palermo. It can also be streamed and viewed online via the main social media. The aim of the exhibition is to acquaint the public, and school pupils in particular, with the extraordinary life of Carabiniere Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa, a man who “served the State” and in all his actions confirmed that the motto of the Carabinieri - “faithful through the centuries” - is not a slogan but a commitment. Through until his final sacrifice in Palermo on 3 September 1982, in his new role as Prefect, having fought the mafia for many years and contributed to the defeat of terrorism during the bloody Years of Lead that blighted Italy.


Rome 6 September 2022

Milan 30 January 2023

Turin 15 April 2023

Palermo 9 June 2023