The project to promote Tuscany’s dune system

On 16 November, Legambiente and the Unipol Group presented “I guardiani della duna” (The Guardians of the Dune), a project started in 9 May and carried out in Marina di Alberese (Grosseto) as part of the campaign Italian Beauty: among the planned activities, the mapping of the coasts and the creation of informative and educational paths. Dunes are one of the most vulnerable and threatened ecosystems on our territory, that is however capable of playing a strategic role for the mitigation of erosion risk and for the challenges that climate change poses to areas in the Mediterranean, with a significant impact on ecosystems, the coastline and urban areas. Safeguarding the dune system is a key step in leading the way towards redevelopment and widespread enhancement of our coastal heritage, and at the same time promoting a careful development of tourism that is respectful of the natural resources of the land.

In summary, these are the objectives of the project I guardiani della duna, the new action undertaken by the campaign Italian Beauty - promoted by the Unipol Group and Legambiente –carried out in Marina di Alberese, in the Municipality of Grosseto, an area included in the Maremma Regional Park, a partner to the initiative. In addition to the preservation of the dune system, the project also conducted a study and mapping of other coastal areas of the region where there are dune systems in a state of erosion. These dune systems are included in protected natural areas, very popular during the summer period and where these actions will be repeated in the future.