Global Inclusion – Rinascere insieme

The Unipol Group is the main sponsor of the non-profit event “Global Inclusion – Rinascere insieme” Digital Edition 2020.

The “Representative Assembly on Inclusion” will be held online on 10 and 11 September 2020 as a live stream event.

The “Global Inclusion - Article 3” Committee believes that it has become increasingly important to fully confirm the spirit of article 3 of the Italian Constitution in the present emergency situation. Unless a conscious effort of global solidarity is made to unite countries and people, the pandemic experience could increase the number of barriers to diversity, thereby generating mistrust, division and alienation.

The shock generated by the pandemic also clearly showed how competitiveness can be pursued within a cohesive framework in tandem with long-term sustainability strategies. Solidarity between generations should therefore be encouraged, along with a willingness to pass the baton onto younger people, welfare should be supported and any prejudice that prevents the creation of bonds of trust will have to be overcome.

A number of workshops dealing with the issue of inclusion will be held on 10 September, followed by a live stream event on 11 September, from 12.00 to 15.30, with presentation of the Charter on the Rebirth of Inclusion and live contributions - inter alia - by Giuseppe Santella, Chief Unipol Academy Officer and Elena Bonetti, Minister for Family and Equal Opportunities.

There will also be video presentations by the partner companies, voluntary sector associations, universities, business colleges and institutions, including an address by the Unipol Group on its experience entitled “The pact between generations: a new start with young people”, with contributions by the Chairperson Pierluigi Stefanini, Marisa Parmigiani - Head of Sustainability - and Federica Pizzini - Manager of the Unipol Academy and General Manager of UNICA Lab.

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