Cubo Unipol celebrates its 10th Anniversary: Show by Nicola Piovani

CUBO, the Unipol Group corporate museum, celebrates its 10th anniversary on 26 March 2023 with a free concert by Nicola Piovani at the “Enea Mazzoli” Unipol Auditorium (Via Stalingrado 37) and a series of initiatives that will take place throughout the year.

Opened in Bologna in 2013 to mark Unipol’s 50th anniversary, since the outset CUBO has stood out as an innovative culture hub where visitors can immerse themselves in different experiences, enjoy temporary art exhibitions, browse the multimedia library that houses all of the Group’s archives, participate in workshops and labs for adults and children, and attend shows and concerts. Every year, students can also take advantage of simulators and multimedia applications to learn, in a fun way, about everyday problems connected with road, domestic, and food safety. In 2021, CUBO opened a second site on the upper floors of Torre Unipol, expanding the space dedicated to events, exhibitions, and educational activities.

In recent years, CUBO has responded to the uncertainty and the challenges raised by the pandemic by adopting a digital-oriented approach to promoting and studying culture, combining the immediacy and accessibility of digital technology with physical interaction. This has made it possible to reach out to an increasingly large audience and to engage thousands of people through events and educational and communication initiatives.

The events to celebrate the 10th anniversary begin on Sunday 26 March at 8:30 p.m. with Note a Margine, a show in which well-known composer Nicola Piovani shares experiences, memories, and emotions from his over 40-year career with the public.

Credit photo: Manuel Nibale