Art City 2023 in Bologna

From 3 to 5 February 2023, CUBO, the Unipol Group corporate museum which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary, will be taking part in Art City Bologna 2023, the programme of Arte Fiera fringe initiatives, with a series of events.

As part of the sixth edition of das - dialoghi artistici sperimentali, the transversal show dedicated to artistic and cultural interpretations of contemporary issues, Ways of seeing, the personal exhibition by Quayola, one of the world’s leading multimedia artists, will open in Torre Unipol on Friday 3 February.

Until 31 May, the exhibition curated by Federica Patti will be displaying the site-specific installation Storms, a series of videos and prints including six new works created specifically for the occasion, which explores Quayola’s research into the landscape painting tradition, examining its artistic substance using advanced technologies.

An aesthetic experience that recalls the famous Storms by William Turner and the romantic artists, where the conception of the natural space is presented as a dimension that reveals the stirrings of the soul. For Quayola, just as it was for the great painters of the past, nature is a universal space that we must explore in order to understand reality.

The ultra high-definition shots of the stormy Cornwall sea, a place that also inspired Turner, represent a starting point for the collection of data with which to create new digital paintings. The artist archives everything he collects from the real-life footage and reworks it using a special piece of software and algorithms for the analysis and manipulation of the data. Quayola’s work dissolves, disrupts and transcends the description of the landscape, proposing a representation that veers towards abstraction.

On Friday 3 February the CUBO space in Porta Europa will host a study day, organised in collaboration with Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini Collezione Burri of Città di Castello (PG), entitled Alberto Burri. Light on Black.

The conference will examine the theme of the frequent use of the colour black in his works and is the natural continuation of the exhibition that CUBO dedicated to the Umbrian master in autumn 2022, an exhibition that until 31 May will remain open at the CUBO site in Porta Europa, enriched with historic images of the author depicted at different times in his life.

The exhibition, entitled Alberto Burri. From Reloaded to Light on Black, is curated by Ilaria Bignotti.