INKLUSION – the differences that paint the world

Is it possible to create an inclusive society? Can new technologies assist us in this process or is this just a pipedream?

Organised by Unica - Unipol Corporate Academy, the livestream event INKLUSION – the differences that paint the world” will be held on 9 November 2020, in an attempt to examine and fully understand the phenomenon of discrimination: a first, key step in the process of combating it.

A day conceived by young adults and targeted in particular at young adults (18-25), parents of the future (25-35), and educators, with the aim of raising awareness around the need for a more inclusive society, via a series of meetings, discussions, first-hand accounts, and moments of active participation.

The speakers at the round table at 15.15 will also include Vittorio Verdone, Corporate Communication and Media Relations Director of the Unipol Group, Alberto Federici, Marketing e Commercial Communication Director of the Unipol Group, and Riccardo Bagaini, paralympian and member of Team Young Italy UnipolSai.

An initiative that forms part of the activities of the #GlobalInclusion Committee (event sponsor) and which follows on from the inclusion work carried last year by Unica with #HackDiversability and the first iteration of Generazione Unica.