CUBO and contemporary art week

Following the virtuous path of das - dialoghi artistici sperimentali, for 2019 CUBO presents the project Fantomologia. Dal micro al macro ai fenomeni del reale (Phantomology. From micro to macro to real phenomena) curated by Marco Mancuso, Daniela Tozzi and Ilaria Bignotti.

Science, technology, space and history. These are the topics explored by CUBO Spazio Arte for the second edition of das, and the artists tasked with developing the project are Ugo La Pietra, legendary expert in Italian radical styles, architectural and urban culture and design, together with media artist Stanza and science art duo Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand.

The CUBO spaces will be transformed into a constantly evolving universe, a venue which represents both a receptacle and an active part of the work, in which the public is encouraged to reflect on the power of technological change and its impact on everyday life from a social, architectural and communications perspective; at the same time, the project also explores the expressive power of nature and its innate capacity for formal, aesthetic and perceptive composition.

The exhibition Fantomologia. Dal micro al macro ai fenomeni del reale opens on Thursday 31 January at 6 p.m., in the presence of the artists, in CUBO Spazio Arte and admission is free. The event will form part of ART CITY at ARTE FIERA, during international Contemporary Art week in Bologna.

The das - dialoghi artistici sperimentali show, dedicated to artistic and cultural dialogue on contemporary themes, was created as a forum for discussion - of content, techniques and styles - between established masters of contemporary art and representatives of the New Media Art wave.