The Unipol Group awarded the Annual Report Oscar 2018

The 54th edition of the Annual Report Oscars witnessed our Group playing a prominent role among the recipients of the awards: the 2017 Integrated Annual Report of the Unipol Group won the Oscar in the Core Category of “listed financial companies” and was also honored with a Special Mention in the category of “Integrated Reporting”. The award, promoted by Ferpi - Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiana - , Borsa Italiana and Bocconi University, is an important point of reference for the financial and non-financial business community. Ferpi has for over 50 years bestowed awards on the most virtuous enterprises in reporting and attention to stakeholder relations aiming to contribute to the creation and dissemination of a business culture that is sensitive to the value of good financial communication. An annual report is no longer just a way of accounting for the past but, today, is also a means to build a company’s own credibility, envisaging its future, its mission, and its responsibilities.  

The Awards : Annual Report Oscar and Special Mention

The Jury, which included representatives from the most important industry associations, evaluated 120 corporate candidates and entities on the basis of five drivers:

  • General aspects
  • Economic, financial, and risk information
  • Governance
  • Social impact
  • Effectiveness of communication

Annual Report Oscar 2018

The Unipol Group won the most important award, the Annual Report Oscar in the category of “Financial Companies”, with the Jury’s following comment: “The document is characterized by a strong emphasis on sustainability and governance. A clear narrative of the company’s strategy and business model and a comprehensive disclosure on its economic and financial performance and coverage of risks. The materiality matrix is clear and complete. The quality of communication, effective and graphically pleasing, is very thorough.”

Special Mention in the category of Integrated Reporting

In addition to the Oscar, a Special Mention was awarded to the company’s 2017 Integrated Report in the category of Integrated Reporting: “In terms of information, it is accurate and meets the guidelines of the IIRC framework, - states the Jury’s comment - in particular as regards the value-creation process and how the external environment not only generates risks but also creates opportunities.

The Report has become an instrument of transformation, a key tool in an ecosystem that must be integrated and which cannot do without the new digital communication channels. In the preparation of the 2017 Integrated Report, the Group set a new challenge: to adopt a management model that implies not only the protection of the company’s assets and profitability, but also the promotion of the balanced and sustainable development of the community. After many years of social and sustainability reports, the 2017 Integrated Report represents an important turning point because it constitutes the transition to integrated thinking, i.e. the preparation of a single reporting document in which the business section is integrated with the sustainability section. The circularity of the process is fundamental: any entry point helps feeding the process, contributing to its continuous improvement.

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