"Changes" is born, the Blog Magazine by the Unipol Group

The birth of a new communications project is always an exciting challenge. But it is even more so today in a context where, thanks to digital communications, it is possible to measure the value of all our actions in real time.

The search to interact with our target audience and the degree of engagement with the same are now essential for anyone working in communications and certainly played an important role in convincing us to create this new tool. Changes Unipol was born because communications and its paradigms have changed, we are all well aware of this. There is no need to dwell on the how and why, it is already a part of history. It is definitely more interesting to focus on the effects of this change that are moving towards a better and deeper understanding of messages, as occurs naturally in any form of communications that guarantees feedback and bi-directionality.

Changes Unipol wishes to understand and share the issues related to the changes in our society with the aim of consolidating our identity, which is focused on closeness, first of all, and farsightedness. We want to be an innovative stakeholder for the development of our country, offering skills, resources and instruments to address the economic and social changes of the future.