Energy crisis: italians willing to sacrifice, but not air conditioning or heating

Wednesday, June 1, 2022 - 14:54

Just 31% of Italians are prepared to go without air conditioning, while only 44% are willing to lower heating temperatures

Greater support for sustainable mobility: Italians are willing to reduce car use, for 58% their next car will be hybrid or electric

These are the findings of the Changes Unipol study carried out by Ipsos

The new Changes Unipol study carried out by Ipsos looked at how the behaviours and attitudes of Italians are changing in daily life as a result of the current energy crisis.  

  • 93% of Italians have or intend to adopt virtuous energy saving behaviour 
    • Yet these habits are fragmented and only 3 exceeded 50% of overall intentions: water savings (64%), running washing machines and dishwashers only at full load (54%) and choosing low-consumption appliances (52%)

  • Bologna recorded the most virtuous behaviour compared to the Italian city average: 48% vs. 43% in all the metropolitan areas assessed
    • As for generations, Baby Boomers (57-74 years) were the most likely to implement virtuous behaviours for the environment. Generation Z (16-26 years), on the other hand, was the most virtuous only in the area of sustainable mobility (34%)

  • Among respondents who intend to change cars, Generation Z (33%) and Millennials (30%) chose plug-in hybrids as the car of the future, while Generation X (23%) and Baby Boomers (22%) preferred fully electric vehicles.
    • Diesel was preferred by just 14%, LPG by 11%, Petrol by 5% and Methane by 3%

  • Italians are also willing to reduce car use, especially in favour of walking
    • 73% declared that they currently use cars to get around on a daily basis, but when asked about their intentions for the next six months, this share dropped to 63%  

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