Cyber Risk: around 10 million italians have experienced cybercrime

Monday, February 7, 2022 - 15:35

Marking the 19th edition of Safer Internet Day, research by Changes Unipol, processed by Ipsos, shows that:

  • Cybercrime mainly affects Generation Z (32% of people between 16 and 26 years of age)
    • Incidents decrease with increasing age: 31% of Millennials (27-40 years of age), 22% of Generation X (41-56 years of age) and 11% of Baby Boomers (57-64 years of age)
    • It is evenly spread across the country with 21% of people from the metropolitan areas of the North affected, 25% of those from the Centre and 22% of those from the South.

  • 53% of Italians feel exposed to cybercrime
    • More specifically, Baby Boomers feel most exposed (58%) along with the inhabitants of the metropolitan areas of Central Italy (56%)

  • Identity theft (58%) and credit card cloning (53%) are the most serious perceived risks when browsing the internet
    • Baby Boomers and women in particular were concerned about identity theft, at 73% and 68% respectively, with 64% of Baby Boomers concerned about card cloning.

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