Bellezza Italia (The Beauty of Italy) - Collective Memory Paths Along the Rio Posada

Tuesday, July 5, 2022 - 09:38

A new campaign project by Legambiente and Unipol Group takes shape in the heart of Sardinia, in the area of the former fish farm of Posada (NU).

A study of the extreme weather events that have affected the area in the past 50 years has been presented today.

In the heart of Sardinia, in Posada in the provincial district of Nuoro, the new Bellezza Italia project “Collective Memory Paths Along the Rio Posada” takes shape and involves the area of the former fish farm of Posada (NU) in the heart of the regional natural Park of Tepilora, combining environmental protection with knowledge and improvement of the local territory. In this place with a strong identity value for all communities that are based around the Rio Posada, thanks to the project in question, which is part of the campaign conducted by Legambiente and by the Unipol Group, a walkway with educational panels has been set up along the river’s embankment between the former fish farm, which has just been redeveloped as an information centre by the Tepilora Park, and the river mouth lookout.

The goal is to make the area of the former Posada fish farm a new important point of reference for visitors, from groups of children on school trips to tourists seeking information on the protected area, as well as kayakers paddling across the river mouth; at the same time increasingly raising the local community’s awareness and empowering them in the protection of a territory that is unique in terms of biodiversity, identity and landscape heritage, but today increasingly threatened by the effects of climate change. A new report “Il clima è cambiato. Focus su Posada” (The Climate Has Changed. Focus on Posada) prepared by Legambiente Sardinia takes stock of the situation. It contains a detailed analysis of this Sardinian location and discusses the extreme weather events that have occurred in the past 50 years.

“With the project to carry out works on the Rio Posada, the attention of the project ‘Bellezza Italia’ is clearly affirmed not only with regard to the topic of climate change, but also with regard to protection of the biodiversity" - says Maria Luisa Parmigiani, Head of Sustainability of the Unipol Group.

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