2019-2021 Shared Value Index

The Unipol Group decided to measure the economic value of its non-financial impacts; it therefore identified certain areas where its sustainability and shared value creation strategy generates positive socioeconomic-environmental impacts, and in association with The European House-Ambrosetti, defined a model to calculate the value produced by said impacts in economic terms.

This exercise was not just done to review the past; the 2018 data were used as the foundation on which to plan the value that the Group will produce with the activities set out under the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan.

The non-financial impacts were not just measured on a final basis, but became part of specific targets in the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan within the scope of the “Shared value and sustainable development” strategic guidelines.

Flanking the figure relating to the overall economic amount, a composite shared value measurement rate was defined to apply a balanced weight to the various activities that generate positive socioeconomic-environmental impacts, that does not just consider the resulting monetary aspects.

Summary of impacts 2019-2020

Sintesi Impatti 2019

Main areas of impact 2019-2020


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