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UnipolSai Assicurazioni S.p.A. (*) is the multi-business insurance company of the Unipol Group,  Italian leader in Non-Life business, particularly in vehicle liability insurance.

Holding a leading position in Life business too, UnipolSai, with more than 10mln customers,  occupies a position of absolute prominence in the national ranking of insurance groups registering a direct insurance income, of  €16bn as of 31 December 2014 (of which €8.4bn are Non-Life and €7.6bn are Life Business).


The company currently operates through 5 divisions (Unipol, La Fondiaria, Sai, Nuova MAA and La Previdente) and the largest network of agencies in Italy, consisting of more than 3,000 insurance agencies (net of the business unit sold to Allianz S.p.A. on 30 June 2014) and over 6,000 sub-agencies across the country, through which it offers a complete range of insurance solutions.


Fabio Cerchiai is Chairman, Pierluigi Stefanini is Vice Chairman and Carlo Cimbri holds the office of Chief Executive Officer.


Alongside the traditional channel, UnipolSai also oversees the bancassurance channel thanks to an agreement with Unipol Banca and the joint-ventures Popolare Vita (with the Banco Popolare Group), BIM Vita (with Banca Intermobiliare) and Incontra Assicurazioni (with the Unicredit Group).

UnipolSai is also present in Serbia through the third-largest local insurer, DDOR Novi Sad.


UnipolSai shares are listed on the MTA of the Italian Stock Exchange, and they are included in the FTSE MIB, that contains the highly capitalized securities.



For more information about UnipolSai Assicurazioni:

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(*) Please note that on 30 June 2014, in performance of the agreement notified to the market on 15 March 2014, the sale of an insurance business unit belonging to the former Milano Assicurazioni to Allianz S.p.A. was completed. In this context, the transfer of insurance product distribution activities was immediately effective, which include, among other things, a network of 725 agencies and 470 employees dedicated to the management of such activities, against the payment by Allianz of a consideration of €200m. The business unit sold also includes the Non-Life insurance portfolio managed by the transferred agencies, with premium income equal to approximately €1.1bn (figure as at 31 December 2013). The transfer of the portfolio will become effective as of 31 December 2014 following authorization by IVASS and against the maximum payment of an additional €240m by Allianz, calculated on the basis of the total amount of the transferred or renewed portfolio, resulting in a maximum total consideration of €440m.




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