Social Innovation

A distinctive element of Unipol’s offer is its long-standing commitment to respond to society’s changing social needs.

Some of the ways in which Unipol has developed products and services that help solve today’s most pressing social issues include the following (for detailed information, please refer to the Annual Report):

Mobility risk

Thanks to the widespread use of electronic devices, Unipol generates social value by making it possible to better understand risk in the areas in which cars with such devices on board are travelling. A precise mapping of the traffic trend generated by cars with black-boxes on board allows Unipol not only to calculate balanced prices with respect to the risk profile, but also to locate more efficient servicing stations and have a greater knowledge of the areas that comprise routes considered to be critical in terms of vehicle traffic.

Direct repairs

Direct repair services allow the company to offer policyholders certified repairs in Motor and Non-Motor Classes without down-payments, thereby ensuring the longevity and profitability of businesses and families and tax traceability.

Integrated social security and health care

To support citizens in their old age and face the problem of the reduced performance of State pensions and of concurrent increase in the demand for health care services as a result of the aging population, Unipol ensures adequate tools and resources to citizens.
In particular, with reference to supplemental pension schemes, the UnipolSai pension scheme includes a section called “Ethical Protection”, which invests in a diversified portfolio of mainly bond and marginally equity-based instruments in the Euro zone, which are entirely managed according to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria.
In the health care sector, the Group also offers LTC guarantees, TCM, non-insurance health services, corporate welfare services, assistance services in the event of non-self-sufficiency and a monitoring service of chronic diseases.

Financial inclusion

UnipolSai provides guarantees and benefits, such as monthly instalments, savings on well-being policies, savings on premiums, zero-rate financing, aimed at safeguarding the purchasing power of citizens by responding to trends linked to the loss of purchasing power of the population’s most vulnerable sections, unemployment or precarious employment.
Non-EU citizens are offered coverage for death and permanent disability due to injury integrated in a major assistance package that in addition to the repatriation of the body to the country of origin also includes other guarantees, such as the advice of a linguistic mediator for explanations related to the product.
Unipol also participates in micro-insurance projects carried out in collaboration with ICMIF (International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation). The project 5-5-5 Mutual Micro-insurance has reached up to 5 million uninsured families, i.e. 25 million people overall.

Income protection

Serious illnesses and disabilities may put a family’s or a company’s income at risk. In cases of forced inactivity following an indemnifiable claim covered by the policy, Unipol proposes solutions aimed at mitigating financial loss.
Unipol also supplies products designed to favour the gradual accrual of sums to meet future study or business start-up costs of a child / grandchild and any developments in the number of family members.

Support to the Tertiary Sector, micro-businesses and start-ups

Through a customized supply to meet protection requirements that are anything but homogeneous, Unipol allows customers to choose from a combination of guarantees and liability limits that may best meet their security needs, based on the activity carried out by the association or micro-business or start-up.
For large companies, cyber risk guarantees that protect against cyber-attacks causing disruption of the production process or theft of personal or third-party data and coverage for reputational damage should be noted.