Ensuring the welfare of people in a society characterised by denatality, aging and constantly decreasing public resources will be a central challenge in the coming years and decades.

Unipol is the top Group in Italy in the Health business, with UniSalute, which has over 8 million customers, and has significant operations in the area of Social Security (nearly 500,000 members of closed-end pension funds and about 250,000 members of other supplemental pension schemes); it is therefore at the forefront of the commitment to ensuring the best social protection for everyone without distinction, with a view to integrating the range of services of the public system with a private system that is capable of effectively and rationally managing expenditure, already quite significant today, that the Italians allocate to their health care.

The Group's commitment in the three-year period 2019-2021 includes strengthening the current product and service supply; the levers that the Group may use to create shared value in this area are:

  • increase in the coverage of segments of the population that are not insured today, by setting out more accessible and flexible products, services and distribution channels; for example, the development of a flexible benefit platform for small and medium-sized enterprises and their employees goes in this direction;
  • use of technologies (such as IoT, telemedicine,...) to enrich and expand customer support, in particular with reference to the areas of assistance, chronic diseases and prevention, as already happens with Health Monitor®, a remote-monitoring service of some chronic diseases through a device directly at the insured's home, with non-stop advice provided by physicians and case managers at the UniSalute Operations Centre;
  • creation of services that support households (SiSalute Card, Protezione Famiglia) for out-of-pocket expenditure in welfare, also thanks to a network of more than 60,000 selected partner facilities that provide high-quality and affordable direct services and to a network of directly managed Medical Facilities, which has been started up and will expand during the three-year Strategic Plan.

Especially in reference to supplemental pension schemes, UnipolSai's welfare supply includes the sector of "Ethical Protection", which invests in a diversified portfolio of mainly bond and marginally equity instruments in the Euro zone, entirely managed under ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria.