When talking about Real Property, we are talking about a crucial area in the people's lives and in a country's development: a family's home, real estate, manufacturing activities.

In recent years, the Group has launched a range of telematics and home automation services for homes, businesses and shops, accompanying them with the possibility to enjoy specific repair services integrated with assistance services. The Strategic Plan requires these services to evolve so as to guarantee more and more protection and assistance to real estates, combining additional services with a positive impact also on the environment (for example in terms of energy saving and pollution prevention).

One of the most critical areas to be addressed is the adaptation to physical risks associated with climate change, with respect to which awareness-raising efforts are still in a work-in-progress stage, as well as the diffusion of solutions that protect property and people.

The Group, thanks to its expertise in this area, supports businesses and institutions with targeted solutions for the prevention of risks related to climate change and for post-event management.

The benchmark model is the LIFE DERRIS (Disaster Risk Reduction Insurance) project, co-financed by the European Commission through the Life programme, of which the Group was the leading partner and which it carried out together with the partners Città  di Torino, Cineas, Anci, Coordinamento Agende 21 and UnipolSai. Derris was the first European project to combine the public administration (PA), businesses and the insurance sector so as to reduce risks caused by extraordinary climate events. The aim of the project was to test and implement an innovative form of public-private partnership between insurance companies, municipalities and businesses so as to increase the resilience to climate change of Italian SMEs, providing them with a simple and free tool (CRAM) for the evaluation, prevention and management of risks related to catastrophic events.

In the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan, Unipol will continue to develop climate risk forecasting models designed for businesses so as to increase the resilience of the various sectors.